Why Elijah Sommerz Hasn’t Released Any Music in 2020

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Today’s discussions is about how canadian entrepreneur and artist Elijah sommerz has been handling the pandemic for the last six months and to why this canadian artist has yet to debut he’s projects and debut release from the beginning .

This year “2020” was supposed to be a breakout year for Elijah Sommerz , being a multi talented songwriter/artist as well as an entrepreneur and talent manager, he had a few massive projects scheduled for this year that are now postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Elijah sommerz explains to us that he and his management team over at J Stone Management Group & co LLc where debating if they should foster an premature release plan in wake of the pandemic as other notable artist across the world had done, he was also supposed to conclude the following with an merchandise cannabis clothing line “Rappers And Trappers Approved “

however elijah sommerz is one that hasn’t released music in the past and it would be extremely hard to break though markets essential due to the fact he had not debuted any music projects to date , so the decision was made by his label higher ups at J Stone Management Group & co LLc to postponed all projects until the pandemic comes to an repose.

For our readers out there who are unaware of who Elijah’s sommerz is, here is a quick briefing on the canadian inspiration upon our supportive research he appears to be an upcoming canadian rapper ,entrepreneur, public figure to whom is one of three co-founders of an architecture development proposal emulsion firm based out of Toronto Canada.

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